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Soooo…today started off kinda ruff, luckly it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. We just got our car serviced a few days ago. this morning the hubby went to the car to go to walmart when he heard the worst noise in history lol…so we had to take it back to the shop. lucky the shop is a very popular street so we had lots to do, the only thing was that we had to walk everywhere. It wasnt that bad but when you have plans to do something (or plans to do absolutly nothing at all-lol) then is spoils somethings. One lesson Ive been learning tho it to trust God. He has his own plans for us. We can wake up and think we have a day completly planned out but it ends up changing because something fell through or something wrong happen. Im trying not to get irritated or frustrated by those things and just simply live and have fun and dont take anything for granteed. cause its true…it could be alot worst then what it is. Thank God I serve a God who will listen to my prayers. A God that will see to it that no matter what, its going to be okay!!! I love Him


Havent been on in a hot minute! but I think thats because…nothings happened….lo- Anyway, theres no excuse…I plan on being on this thing atleast twice a day for the next week. how? you ask? wellll…im officially ON VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!! lol so I have alot of time on my hands and I really want to start writing, that I have time to do it.

Ive actually been having a few short term goals…

I started walking and doing some leg lifts/sit ups. My goal for right now is to stay active and not so much as to lose some weight (but i do hope to do both). Ive been so proud of myself because of how long ive been sticking to it so Im praying that i continue to do so. I feel like i acomplish alot when I get back in the house just sweaty. I also become less likely to be lazy. lol

While im on vaycay i also will like to post some life lessons Ive been going through lately. I think that although i might be learning stuff like “the power of my words, forgiveness, the importance of wisdom…ect.” I would like to document my research. I call it research because if I go through something I want to learn how to handle it and I’ll probably be looking for articals to learn more about what i need to do. It also allows me to stay in the word of God. I tell ya, when your going through something, theres nothing like keeping you nose in the bible. I remember someone telling me that when we go through trials and troubles it keeps us close to God and Ive learned that to be true for myself.

I deactivated my facebook. I dont know how long Im going to do it for but I knew I had to do it. Facebook is a great way for me and my family to interact.I love the fact that I can see my friends and see what they’re doing in their lives and seeing there children and families and see what their up too but Its also a curse because I (personally) find myself comparing my life to everyone elses. I feel as  though I should be where they are in life. I can stop doing it for a time but when I talk to someone about whats going on in their lives I began to feel envious of them. But Im done feeling that way (I dont want to feel that way) I dont want to compare my life with theirs based on how much money they have, what they have and what their doing with their lives. What God has for me is for me. This also allows me to focus on my own life. After I deactivated it Ive felt like I was hitting MY target instead of wondering how everyone was hitting their own target. One day soon I hope I’ll be able to get back on facebook and not be distracted with how everyones doing in their life or how good they have it, but rather I can get on and actually be happy and joyful of their victories just like I hope they’ll be joyful of mine. Im praying that God helps me heal what I have allowed to be broken. It wasnt meant for me to feel like a failure…In fact…Im not a failure but because I have entertained thoughts in my mind and assured them in my speech I have fallen short of my task to keep my eyes on God. this is a constant challenge for me that one day I will obtain victory (Amen!)

I plan on doing alot on my vaycay. My main focus is to focus on relaxing and having fun with my husband. but I do want to do other things and catch up on some of my goals like cooking. lol.  Im excited. Dont really know what on my menu but It should be good regardless.<3

anyways…time to get started.


Are you a person who sins? who fall short? who thinks God has abandon you? who fills shameful that youd rather be in the club than church? who strays away when it comes to religion because you think you are unfit? unworthy? If you fit this description then I have the thing for you: Salvation. Salvation is deliverance from the power and penalty of sin or redemption. Interested? Heres how: Jesus Christ died on the cross and took up all our sins, all our flaws and imperfections. He was the perfect sacrifice it took to wash us clean as snow and to allow us to reconnect with our Heavenly Father. Through Him, you can obtain salvation if you accept Him. Heres what the package includes:

Salvation (Forgiveness and Redemption)

A trip to Heaven

A loving reconnection with the Father

The Holy Spirit who lives and moves wherever you go.

Also includes a list of promises:

Abundante Life



Understanding & Wisdom

just to include a few.

Doesnt stop there! Also recieve a book, The Holy Bible that is filled with instructions, The Life of our Savior, and testimonies for people who have tried Jesus. This is a miraculous Gift and you can recieve this for the LOW LOW PRICE OF:FREE. Thats right! All this is free. All you have to do is recieve Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord! That he is Gods son that came down and died on the cross for your (and my) sins and my short coming. That he was rose up on the third day. That Jesus is Lord! Romans 10:9-10

Thats it! That easy. If your having trouble with this life. Jesus is right for you. Dont dely get set free today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Jesus went on from there, he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax collector’s booth. “Follow me,” he told him, and Matthew got up and followed him.

While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s house, many tax collectors and “sinners” came and ate with him and his disciples. When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and ‘sinners’?”

On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

Matthew 9:9-12

Redeem: verb; to buy or pay off; clear by payment, to recover, to convert, to make up for,make amends for, to discharge or fulfill

 used in a sentence:

And that’s the way it was with us before Christ came. We were like children; we were slaves to the basic spiritual principles of this world. But when the right time came, God sent his Son, born of a woman, subject to the law.God sent him to REDEEM those who were slaves to the law, so that he could adopt us as his very own children. And because we are his children, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, prompting us to call out, “Abba, Father”. Now you are no longer a slave but God’s own child. And since you are his child, God has made you his heir.

Gal 4:3-7

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. Let the REDEEMED of the Lord say this—

those he REDEEMED from the hand of the foe,those he gathered from the lands,

from east and west, from north and south.

Psalm 107:1-3




Remember that goal that I added recently about finding a way of making extra money this year? well, I think I have an idea!!! coutesty of my Friend, Nidia. For her baby shower I gave her a diaper bag, some clothes, and two diaper wipe decorated cases (posting that project soon). She looked online and did some reasearch and found out that the decorated wipe cases were selling for like 20-25 bucks so she decided that we should make more decorative wipe cases and sell them at the flee market for a profit. I thought it was a good idea. The materials to do them is really simple and its a really fast and easy for a cute unique gift for a friend or a loved one who is having a baby. I’ll update you later and also post a tutorial of the wipes in a few days. Im kinda excited about our little project, we’ll see how this goes. ❤ ❤ ❤

So In the begining of the month (Feb 5th)I did a “TEA PARTY “baby shower for one of my close friends, Nidia Cruz. Wow…never knew baby showers could be so stressful, but you know, It was fun and I was also doing it for a special woman so you know it was worth every drop of sweat. I wanted to show you one of the projects that i did since on of my goals for this year was to do more projects…here we go! lol

The Favors: Tea Bag Pouches

Let me tell you, the favors were crazy to come up with. It was literally a last minute deal seeing that what I had orginally came up with wasnt working so I had to do something. My original plan was to take white paper luch bags, cut most of the top off and make a stand up bag with tea in them…wasnt happening so instead, the top part that I cut off, I used to make a pouch to hold the tea bags. Take a look:

I took some white paper lunch bags,

cut the top off (like I said,want my orginal plan-lol).

I cut them into the shape of a tea bag bag (diagonal sides)

Then I stuff the teas in the bags. I used these brands.

glued all the sides together to close it (you might need to press it down so it can stay)

Then I punched a hole on the very top of the pouch

tied the ribbon to it and vola! there it is. lol

 To give it some kind of decor on the outside, just glued some rhimestones on the front of it. You can also put a “Thank You” message and tie it to the end of the ribbon.

Altho thinking of this idea was stressful and the fact that my orginal idea didnt turn out the way it was suppose to, Everyone actually loved them! lol…shocker…esp the tea that was inside. I would have never guessed they drunk that kind of tea…wow. God was def on my side that day. All thanks to Him cause without Him that day would have been a complete downer….lol. I also did a baby project…two of them I gave to her as one of her baby shower gifts. Another one of my friends just popped out a baby so I will do one for her and be sure to take some pictures and post them. Anyway, I Hope you enjoy!

Im at work right now and I only got 5 more minutes of my lunch but I just want to say that praise…simple, whole-hearted prayer works wonders.
But you are a shield around me, O Lord;

you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.

To the Lord I cry aloud,

and he answers me from his holy hill. Selah

I lie down and sleep;

I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.

I will not fear the tens of thousands

drawn up against me on every side.

Psalm 3:3-6

Its easier said then done but praise God in whatever your facing. Its easy to get distressed and discouraged and have the will to get up but when we praise in every circumstances that we face, we are uplifting God in it. Its a sign and action that we are putting our trust in God and not looking at our own power but we’re turning to the one who holds all the power. Keep Praising. God will always make a way ❤