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gee, why havent I been on???? i have no idea. I guess cause Ive lost the will to do a blog but I have to remind myself what the purpose of my blog is for: to document 2011- a prosperous year! lol.

we’ll heres an update:

cleaning:I manage to clean myspace. Altho Its not complete, the parts that I have cleaned Ive been able to keep them that way. I think my biggest thing about cleaning is my clothes. I have soooooo many clothes (even though I think i dont) that i get so lazy when it comes to actually putting them away. So thats something Im def going to work on and pray about.

cooking:I have been cooking but just not anything different. a few weeks ago Ive cooked some yum yum spaghatti. And a whole lot of breakfast egg omelets sandwiches.

projects: so I have another baby shower coming up in May. Its actually a baby shower dinner but Im still doing the invitations. Im also thinking about doing some baby diaper cases for her that way she’ll have a unique gift and I’ll be able to take some pics of how I did it.  I told one of the store managers that I work at that I knew how to sew and I told her I’ll sew her a wallet to show off my skills. Also my friend had her baby!! yay…I still have to do the baby book for her too so thats another good project I have to complete.

My belief: So having faith is hard! lol. but I got it. Recently I started reading this wonderful book called “You are what you think” great read Im almost done but I wish it would go on forever! Its basically teaching about our self talk and not only does he give biblical examples of our self-talk but also medical and physicalogical examples that have proven that what we actually think, say, and visualize has a huge impact on our lives and the situations that we encounter. its amazing really. Im happy I picked it up. Also recently Ive been having alot of fear in my mind about things that are coming up. Things that involve: death, failing at life, not having my own, not moving on in my life ect…but Im not going to fear those things that I cant control over. I believe I will live a long prosperious life with my husband and our future kids. I WILL be a success and do the things I love. And not only that, but show others Gods glorious love for us. How amazing he is. Not I speak life and I will continue to do so. If God be for me, who can be against me??? anyone? lol Ive actually been intending to do a little projects concerning my fears. I’ll share more about that later.

Hair care: has been bad lately. lol. I usually wash my hair every monday but I got off track because of my work schedule so one week it was friday, now Im struggling with when I wash my hair. I didnt do it friday a couple of days ago cause I was working that day and now Im back to my reg mondays off. Last week I blowed dyed my hair out (heat protected of course!) and weared my hair practically pinned up or in a high bun. I enjoyed doing different things since ive worn my hair curly since last sept. After I staighten my hair out the last time I couldnt get enough but I think its time to go back to my curls. Altho people love the straight look, I love my curls and so do the people around me. Im really need to get on the ball with washing and deep conditioning again. Lets see if I can make it my arm pit length. Im hoping by the time my birthday rolls around (August 10) I’ll get it restraighten and see how far I have to go after that.

School: well I have decided!!!! IM GOING TO NAIL TECH SCHOOL!!! lol. Idk when I made that choice but I did but Im making sure Im still hearing from God just in case he’s trying to stir me another way. Nail technician is only a temperary career. Im actually pretty excited about it. I want to see how far I can go and also the extra income would do wonders for me and my husband. I’ll probably be a happy person looking forward to my life after this ❤

Money money money! Money!: we’re still doing well with the money issue. Almost done paying some of these bills off…I think all the bills are just about 300 dollars and lower so thats just wonderful. I cant wait to just pay them off and not owing anyone anything! Praise God. We’re still saving up our money. Weve just recently made it to 1,000+ in our saving so Im thankful that God has helped us with that!

Let me see, I think thats all pretty much. 4th month in our year and we have a long time to go til the end of the year. Im started to learn not be so hard on myself (something that the pastor that I went to go see told me that I was). Learning how to take the “shoulds” out of my life (thats from the book) and just learning how to enjoy the little joy I do have. Anyway, mores to come. I cant abandon this blog yet!


So…heres my length check…

My sides are to my collar bone

and my bangs fall just slightly above my jaw bone

I guess its important to say that my hair is also in layers sooo….yea. lol

There it is. Let the hair challenge begin

My plan is to wash my hair every week, detangle, (Mondays), deep condition and style. I will def be doing some protective styling but I love twist out so low maintence styles are key. During the middle of my week (Depending on when I have time) I will rinse my hair with water keeping it moisterized. I havent really found anything to to help my scalp (I have crazy build-up) but Im still reasearching oils and whatnot! Wish me luck!!! ❤

so…whats new with me???? well besides my disorderly bookshelves, I am starting a hair challenge. Hair wasnt part of my plan simply cause Im still learning how to maintain it. It seems like my hair is sooo complicated. I cant do what everyone can do with theirs cause everyones hair is different. But yea, Its a hair challenge!!! My goal is to manage and grow healthy hair to my arm pit…altho I dont know if I should try for longer cause my hair is at my collar bone already but I dont know how simple this is going to be so I’ll say that my goal for my hair is armpit and beyond!!! (get it now?) I will be posting pics tonight (so I can have some help from my hubby) and let you know exactly what I’ll be doing to reach my goal for that…I usually wear my hair curly so hopefully it doesnt rain before Im able to take a pictures…anyways. Be Blessed!!!!

Its def been a challenge for me to keep my space clean. *sigh…yes, I have to admit that this whole cleaning thing has been the bottom of my list but Im making some changes. I know myself. lol. I know that Im not going to spend a whole day of cleaning so I decided that Im going to take it one corner at a time. Theres nothing wrong with breaking things down into size so that you can conquer them. I took two pictures of an area in my room that I decided to concentrate on…

My bookshelves…lol

I decided that whatever I dont use (no excuses) Im going to get rid of it by trash or trade. Im not going to make any excuses or try to pack it back in my bookshelfs. Im excited cause I want the change and Im finally going to get it. As the famous quote goes (and this goes for almost every area in our lives) “Noboday changes until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change.” Amen to that! May Gods grace be with me every step of the way. Update will soon follow…hopefully. lol!

Ive been feeling a little spiritual discouragement lately but Im trying to encourage myself by reading, praying and researching. I dont know if Im ever going to get back on fire for God but Im still going and Im making an attempt to keep trusting. I have to stay focused on my goals for this year. Anyway, I read this on facebook dont know who its from or who wrote it (I think its actually a sermon). I thought Id share:

 Holy Confidence

1:COMFRONTATION. you will be comfronted by the enemy to denounce or backslide in what you believe in by maybe friens or the in crowd or some1 that doesnt want to see you grow in Christ.

 2:CONFUSION. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Know what you want to do For God and do it. Stick to it. If the enemy can get you to think twice about something you know is right and get you to make an action, he will always do it.

 3:COMPLAINING. You need to know that COMPLAINING only makes the situation seem bigger and more problematic then what it truly is. Also that when you complain it gets you NOWHERE. Who remembers the other 10 spies name that came back with that negative report from the land. The only two names we know of are Joshua and Caleb. The bible says these guys werent bitter complainers and that they were confident in their abilities the Lord gave them.

4:COMPARING. When you compare yourself to another person it will only discourage you and in most cases will have you envious of that person. Know that promotion comes niether from the EAST NOR THE WEST BUT FROM GOD. What God has for you is for you. STOP comparing yourself to SOME1ELSE. KNOW that you are fearfully and wonderfully CREATED. Don’t look to the left or right but ABOVE.

 5: COMPROMISING. SIN will steal your HOLY CONFIDENCE. why compromise God’s goodness for sin. This goes back to what was stated above about being double minded. As Paul sid dont you know you are a slave to who you decide to Follow, whether it be OBEDIENCE unto RIGHTEOUNESS or SIN unto DEATH. Dont compromise GOD’s promise and goodness for your life with SIN it kills.

So I decided to add a new goal to my goals list. Ive been thinking about this for a while and I actually hesitate to really do it, but why not??!?!? My ultimate goal is to step out of my box and do improve my life. My #11 goal of 2011 (and yes, I know its kinda late) is that I find a way to make extra $$$. I think this is a good addition to the goals list. In fact, I know it is. This is really help me to continue to improve my life, and really think about what I want to do. who knows, I might have an actually shop one day. I dont know right now what I want to do but I have some time to think…and when I do, I’ll let you know. ❤