Soooo…today started off kinda ruff, luckly it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. We just got our car serviced a few days ago. this morning the hubby went to the car to go to walmart when he heard the worst noise in history lol…so we had to take it back to the shop. lucky the shop is a very popular street so we had lots to do, the only thing was that we had to walk everywhere. It wasnt that bad but when you have plans to do something (or plans to do absolutly nothing at all-lol) then is spoils somethings. One lesson Ive been learning tho it to trust God. He has his own plans for us. We can wake up and think we have a day completly planned out but it ends up changing because something fell through or something wrong happen. Im trying not to get irritated or frustrated by those things and just simply live and have fun and dont take anything for granteed. cause its true…it could be alot worst then what it is. Thank God I serve a God who will listen to my prayers. A God that will see to it that no matter what, its going to be okay!!! I love Him