lol- Its said that I keep doing all these updates…lol…but I have another post to post (lol) so that streak will be broke…Praise God!

I cooked yesterday but i forgot to take pictures…lol!!! I cooked Speghetti!!! I made it how my friends makes hers cause mine was so blan.

What I did was added onions and greeen peppers. I choped them up and saute them before I added the meat and I also added some seasoning to the meat. It came out sooo good!!! yay for me! lol

I havent been walking since Saturday. Sunday was my day “off” so the means for two days I havent been doing what I wanted to….welll actually, I have. I dont know if I said this in my last post but my goal is to walk for atleast 3-4 days out the week so its not that big of a deal yet. lol

I forgot all about my hair challenge. lol. My hair has grown a few inches…maybe 1 lol. Since I got my hair dyed on the day I started my hair challenge, its easy for me to see my roots as they grow in. I havent done much of protective stylin (although I should) but Ive been doing alot of twist outs and what nots. This friday is my husband birthday and we’re going to go to the zoo. I decided Im probably going to need my ends tucked in since I’ll be in the sun all day. We’ll see what I come up with. But yea,hair grow seems normal. Ive been washing everyday. Moisterize with water and shea butter. I realized that shea butter should not go on your scalp, so I started on the top of my hair and rub though to seal the water. Its kinda greasy but i guess it helps. Im still researching so I guess I’ll see. I also came across a way to help my scalp. They say to massage olive oil on your scalp before you wash or rinse. it suppose to moisterize my scalp. I dont know about this….again Im still researching.

And Im also starting my “Lesson Learner thingy” lol. So ive been reasearching and hopefully Ill post later on today…Im bored enough.

the whole facebook thing has been going well. Im actually happy I deactived it. again, I feel as tho I can focus on my own life with the threat of thinking that Im actually in some sort of competition or race with others. My husband gave me a very good quote that I’ll probably cherish for the rest of my life (he’s so wise) “if it was a race, we’d all be going the same way.” And he’s right. We have to remember that we’re not in a race in this life. God has us going in all types of direction and each of us has our own destination thats what Its go important to understand that im okay where Im at. I want more for my life and I def want to do more with it but I cant if my eyes are always fixed on someone else. Also I would like to be happy- truly happy for the people in my life. Love when they succeed and pray for them when they dont. I feel like I am happy when people succeed of something great happens to them but there is this one little bitty spot of envy…and love is not envy. So I give that to God cause its not like Him and its not who I want to be.

Oh yea!!! yesterday I went to go register for school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol…yay. Im too excited! And it such a blessing to. Altho they changed the hourse on my slightly, the class is actually shorter than I thought it was, and the price is lower too. Im excited!!! 😀

So yea, thats the update from yesterday to today. I’ll post again! ❤