Havent been on in a hot minute! but I think thats because…nothings happened….lo- Anyway, theres no excuse…I plan on being on this thing atleast twice a day for the next week. how? you ask? wellll…im officially ON VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!! lol so I have alot of time on my hands and I really want to start writing, esp.now that I have time to do it.

Ive actually been having a few short term goals…

I started walking and doing some leg lifts/sit ups. My goal for right now is to stay active and not so much as to lose some weight (but i do hope to do both). Ive been so proud of myself because of how long ive been sticking to it so Im praying that i continue to do so. I feel like i acomplish alot when I get back in the house just sweaty. I also become less likely to be lazy. lol

While im on vaycay i also will like to post some life lessons Ive been going through lately. I think that although i might be learning stuff like “the power of my words, forgiveness, the importance of wisdom…ect.” I would like to document my research. I call it research because if I go through something I want to learn how to handle it and I’ll probably be looking for articals to learn more about what i need to do. It also allows me to stay in the word of God. I tell ya, when your going through something, theres nothing like keeping you nose in the bible. I remember someone telling me that when we go through trials and troubles it keeps us close to God and Ive learned that to be true for myself.

I deactivated my facebook. I dont know how long Im going to do it for but I knew I had to do it. Facebook is a great way for me and my family to interact.I love the fact that I can see my friends and see what they’re doing in their lives and seeing there children and families and see what their up too but Its also a curse because I (personally) find myself comparing my life to everyone elses. I feel as  though I should be where they are in life. I can stop doing it for a time but when I talk to someone about whats going on in their lives I began to feel envious of them. But Im done feeling that way (I dont want to feel that way) I dont want to compare my life with theirs based on how much money they have, what they have and what their doing with their lives. What God has for me is for me. This also allows me to focus on my own life. After I deactivated it Ive felt like I was hitting MY target instead of wondering how everyone was hitting their own target. One day soon I hope I’ll be able to get back on facebook and not be distracted with how everyones doing in their life or how good they have it, but rather I can get on and actually be happy and joyful of their victories just like I hope they’ll be joyful of mine. Im praying that God helps me heal what I have allowed to be broken. It wasnt meant for me to feel like a failure…In fact…Im not a failure but because I have entertained thoughts in my mind and assured them in my speech I have fallen short of my task to keep my eyes on God. this is a constant challenge for me that one day I will obtain victory (Amen!)

I plan on doing alot on my vaycay. My main focus is to focus on relaxing and having fun with my husband. but I do want to do other things and catch up on some of my goals like cooking. lol.  Im excited. Dont really know what on my menu but It should be good regardless.<3

anyways…time to get started.