gee, why havent I been on???? i have no idea. I guess cause Ive lost the will to do a blog but I have to remind myself what the purpose of my blog is for: to document 2011- a prosperous year! lol.

we’ll heres an update:

cleaning:I manage to clean myspace. Altho Its not complete, the parts that I have cleaned Ive been able to keep them that way. I think my biggest thing about cleaning is my clothes. I have soooooo many clothes (even though I think i dont) that i get so lazy when it comes to actually putting them away. So thats something Im def going to work on and pray about.

cooking:I have been cooking but just not anything different. a few weeks ago Ive cooked some yum yum spaghatti. And a whole lot of breakfast egg omelets sandwiches.

projects: so I have another baby shower coming up in May. Its actually a baby shower dinner but Im still doing the invitations. Im also thinking about doing some baby diaper cases for her that way she’ll have a unique gift and I’ll be able to take some pics of how I did it.  I told one of the store managers that I work at that I knew how to sew and I told her I’ll sew her a wallet to show off my skills. Also my friend had her baby!! yay…I still have to do the baby book for her too so thats another good project I have to complete.

My belief: So having faith is hard! lol. but I got it. Recently I started reading this wonderful book called “You are what you think” great read Im almost done but I wish it would go on forever! Its basically teaching about our self talk and not only does he give biblical examples of our self-talk but also medical and physicalogical examples that have proven that what we actually think, say, and visualize has a huge impact on our lives and the situations that we encounter. its amazing really. Im happy I picked it up. Also recently Ive been having alot of fear in my mind about things that are coming up. Things that involve: death, failing at life, not having my own, not moving on in my life ect…but Im not going to fear those things that I cant control over. I believe I will live a long prosperious life with my husband and our future kids. I WILL be a success and do the things I love. And not only that, but show others Gods glorious love for us. How amazing he is. Not I speak life and I will continue to do so. If God be for me, who can be against me??? anyone? lol Ive actually been intending to do a little projects concerning my fears. I’ll share more about that later.

Hair care: has been bad lately. lol. I usually wash my hair every monday but I got off track because of my work schedule so one week it was friday, now Im struggling with when I wash my hair. I didnt do it friday a couple of days ago cause I was working that day and now Im back to my reg mondays off. Last week I blowed dyed my hair out (heat protected of course!) and weared my hair practically pinned up or in a high bun. I enjoyed doing different things since ive worn my hair curly since last sept. After I staighten my hair out the last time I couldnt get enough but I think its time to go back to my curls. Altho people love the straight look, I love my curls and so do the people around me. Im really need to get on the ball with washing and deep conditioning again. Lets see if I can make it my arm pit length. Im hoping by the time my birthday rolls around (August 10) I’ll get it restraighten and see how far I have to go after that.

School: well I have decided!!!! IM GOING TO NAIL TECH SCHOOL!!! lol. Idk when I made that choice but I did but Im making sure Im still hearing from God just in case he’s trying to stir me another way. Nail technician is only a temperary career. Im actually pretty excited about it. I want to see how far I can go and also the extra income would do wonders for me and my husband. I’ll probably be a happy person looking forward to my life after this ❤

Money money money! Money!: we’re still doing well with the money issue. Almost done paying some of these bills off…I think all the bills are just about 300 dollars and lower so thats just wonderful. I cant wait to just pay them off and not owing anyone anything! Praise God. We’re still saving up our money. Weve just recently made it to 1,000+ in our saving so Im thankful that God has helped us with that!

Let me see, I think thats all pretty much. 4th month in our year and we have a long time to go til the end of the year. Im started to learn not be so hard on myself (something that the pastor that I went to go see told me that I was). Learning how to take the “shoulds” out of my life (thats from the book) and just learning how to enjoy the little joy I do have. Anyway, mores to come. I cant abandon this blog yet!