so…whats new with me???? well besides my disorderly bookshelves, I am starting a hair challenge. Hair wasnt part of my plan simply cause Im still learning how to maintain it. It seems like my hair is sooo complicated. I cant do what everyone can do with theirs cause everyones hair is different. But yea, Its a hair challenge!!! My goal is to manage and grow healthy hair to my arm pit…altho I dont know if I should try for longer cause my hair is at my collar bone already but I dont know how simple this is going to be so I’ll say that my goal for my hair is armpit and beyond!!! (get it now?) I will be posting pics tonight (so I can have some help from my hubby) and let you know exactly what I’ll be doing to reach my goal for that…I usually wear my hair curly so hopefully it doesnt rain before Im able to take a pictures…anyways. Be Blessed!!!!