Remember that goal that I added recently about finding a way of making extra money this year? well, I think I have an idea!!! coutesty of my Friend, Nidia. For her baby shower I gave her a diaper bag, some clothes, and two diaper wipe decorated cases (posting that project soon). She looked online and did some reasearch and found out that the decorated wipe cases were selling for like 20-25 bucks so she decided that we should make more decorative wipe cases and sell them at the flee market for a profit. I thought it was a good idea. The materials to do them is really simple and its a really fast and easy for a cute unique gift for a friend or a loved one who is having a baby. I’ll update you later and also post a tutorial of the wipes in a few days. Im kinda excited about our little project, we’ll see how this goes. ❤ ❤ ❤