So just recently Ive kinda ran into a dilema with my life…lol- yea, doesnt it always happen? lol. well, I decided to write my pro and cons here. The pupose of my blog is to document my year and because this is such a change in my life, I decided I wanted to let you in…lol

Object: School. I just got my financial aid!!(ANOTHER PRAISE OF THE DAY!!! PRAISE GOD!)  My plan is to go to school to obtain an AA in Art. Associates Degree usually takes up to 2 years to get, but I wont get mine in 2 years…more like 3 because I work and because of my schedule theres no way I’ll be able to take all those classes in one semester and get my homework done AND be a wife…lol- nope! lol

Problem: There is no problem just the fact that I need/want more money and I dont want to continue to work the same job that I have right now. Its so frustrating. Thanks be to God that I do have a job. I am truly blessed but I dont think I can stand working there any longer. I want to move on in my life and I feel like if I stay there for another year……………………….idk. I just dont want to feel like a failure anymore. The job isnt horrible but when you find yourself doing the same thing everyday- the same midocre work, when you feel like you literally SLEEP at your job because of all the hours you work It can get pretty frustrating. A friend who is actually doing a medical certificate program suggested that I do the same: I’ll be able to make more money and then go back to school for my AA while I make more money. Not a bad idea, right? the program that i decided to do (because theres no way I can sit anywhere and listen to a bunch of medical terms without zoning off) I picked nail technician/manicurist.

Now, Ive been praying and asking and crying and begging,and praying and asking and crying and begging and again, praying and askingand crying and begging God to help me through this. Now, all I want is Gods will. I honestly dont have a will in this…honestly. Because this is a life situation and only God can get me where I want to go, I have no choice but to put this in His hands. Since I know God to work through other people, Ive asked just about all my close friends, my husband, and my dad. They all said the same thing…lol…but still no one had the exact answer so me and my husband got together and put together and Pro and Cons List. Here it is:

Here are the pro/cons of the Nail Technician…

Cons (yes, bad new first):

1. My finacial aid wont cover that course. Actually, its not my fiancial aid’s  fault, its really the schools who wont cover it..dont know why.

2. Cost…well actually this isnt a con cause we could actually pay for it. We’re not struggling in our finances too bad at all, the class doesnt start til  May and we will be getting rid of our 2 big bills (which arent that big anymore-lol) so we actually will be able to pay for it. I think the only reason why the money would be a big deal would be if I drop out and then we’d be wasting it. lol

3. Will I be any good?…this is my husbands only concerns…lol…dont ask why. Doing nails seems to be a skill but he’s worried that if I suck at this, we will also be wasting money. lol. This isnt too big of a deal either cause again, this is a learned skill, and also it falls on me rather Im good or not. If I do this I will def have to put my heart in this and stick with it and practice.

Pros (now for the good news):

1. Its a short course. It will only last a few months. My husband brought up a good point: If I did get my AA in Arts, I would then have to go back to school for another 2 years for fashion design. because I know I wont finish in the exact time it suppose to take me, 4 years total, but rather 5 to 6 years a few months shouldn’t set me back to much and I’ll be able to go back to school for my AA after I get a job as a manicurist.

2.The pay is great. The average salary of a nail technician in my area is 24,000+ – 39,000+ a year….that is me and my husbands salary put together…yes!

3. My dad told me that it sounds good but only if it would be something I would want to do and not something to do just because of the money, well, after researching and looking at all these videos and websites about it, I think it would be something I would want to do. Im not saying that its a stressless job, but it seems like I would have alot of fun doing it. I would be able to talk and communicate with people while i work. (from my previous temperment test, I am a sanguine and I do my best work if I have someone talking with me- i know, its odd)

4. Theres no shortage of jobs and salons here. The need is def here. On my way to work I past at least 20 salons. lol- not to mention the ones in walmart! lol. about 95 of the women I know and talk to on the daily basis get their nails done whenever they need done. Im talking about fill in, nails, painted…everything. So its not like I would have a ruff time finding work. And even if I do I can also do this on the side or do it out of my own home.

5. BTW- just incase I forgot to say, Im not giving up my dream of becoming a fashion design…not in the slightest! The goal for becoming a nail tech is to do something that would intrest me and get more money. After the few months is up, I can go bac to school for my AA in Arts. I would just be working as a nail tech while I go to school. I’ll be making more money, and going to school at the same time…and I know my finacial aid would cover my courses….and even if it wont, I’ll be able to pay out of pocket for my classes.

Okay, so now for the Pros/Cons for going ahead and getting my AA in Art

Cons (again with the bad news):

1. It will take crazy time to get where I want to go. Altho the time would be worth getting back into fashion (3-4 years) and getting my fashion degree (5-6 years) I dont know if I want to spend that much time persuing that and staying at my current job. Ive already said how miserable I am and the only good thing about working there while I go to school is that I know for a fact that my manager would work my schedule out. But I dont want to stay there.

2. Im not too sure about this but Ive researched this and there is not that many jobs out here for Art nor fashion. Yea, I picked a city to persue my dreams in. lol. After I get my AA degree in Art I honestly dont know what I would do while I go back to school for fashion. I guess any job would do but I dont want just any job for all the work that I would do to get my degree. I mean, Im not expecting to make 100,000 dollars a year, but I would want to be able to contribute to my family income more. (I hope I dont sound crazy- its really hard to describe what Im feeling). Then I would have to go out of town to go to school for fashion design and even still, after I go to school, what job would I get??????!??!?!?

Pros (good news!!):

1. I would be on the road of doing what I want. That road will be a long one…but I will be headed towards my goal.



So you see, my dilemma. I know you’d probably look at this and be like “What dilemma????” God knows what I want and I dont want to stray from the plan that he has me on. I tend to do that so many times, but I want to make sure that Im on His path and not my own. I trust Him to do what I dream of and to help me along the way so as long as He’s the one guiding me through this I know I’ll be okay. This problem made me think about so many things that I hadnt before. Like I didnt really think about me going to school for 5-6 more years or where I’d have to go to school for fashion. Life is never going to be what we plan on it being but its important to think things through. No matter what people say “Live for the moment” and stuff like that, thats a lie. Whatever you do for this moment will effect the moments and the days and the months and the years after that moment. Make sure God is in control of those moments and whatever decision you make, put it in Gods hands and dedicate it to Him. Thats the only way you know that whatever happens after those moments, good or bad, God is still under control.

To man belong the plans of the heart,

but from the Lord comes the reply of the tongue.

All a man’s ways seem innocent to him,

but motives are weighed by the Lord.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,

and your plans will succeed.

The Lord works out everything for his own ends—

even the wicked for a day of disaster

In his heart a man plans his course,

but the Lord determines his steps.

Proverbs 16:1-4,9