So In the begining of the month (Feb 5th)I did a “TEA PARTY “baby shower for one of my close friends, Nidia Cruz. Wow…never knew baby showers could be so stressful, but you know, It was fun and I was also doing it for a special woman so you know it was worth every drop of sweat. I wanted to show you one of the projects that i did since on of my goals for this year was to do more projects…here we go! lol

The Favors: Tea Bag Pouches

Let me tell you, the favors were crazy to come up with. It was literally a last minute deal seeing that what I had orginally came up with wasnt working so I had to do something. My original plan was to take white paper luch bags, cut most of the top off and make a stand up bag with tea in them…wasnt happening so instead, the top part that I cut off, I used to make a pouch to hold the tea bags. Take a look:

I took some white paper lunch bags,

cut the top off (like I said,want my orginal plan-lol).

I cut them into the shape of a tea bag bag (diagonal sides)

Then I stuff the teas in the bags. I used these brands.

glued all the sides together to close it (you might need to press it down so it can stay)

Then I punched a hole on the very top of the pouch

tied the ribbon to it and vola! there it is. lol

 To give it some kind of decor on the outside, just glued some rhimestones on the front of it. You can also put a “Thank You” message and tie it to the end of the ribbon.

Altho thinking of this idea was stressful and the fact that my orginal idea didnt turn out the way it was suppose to, Everyone actually loved them! lol…shocker…esp the tea that was inside. I would have never guessed they drunk that kind of tea…wow. God was def on my side that day. All thanks to Him cause without Him that day would have been a complete downer….lol. I also did a baby project…two of them I gave to her as one of her baby shower gifts. Another one of my friends just popped out a baby so I will do one for her and be sure to take some pictures and post them. Anyway, I Hope you enjoy!