Ive been feeling a little spiritual discouragement lately but Im trying to encourage myself by reading, praying and researching. I dont know if Im ever going to get back on fire for God but Im still going and Im making an attempt to keep trusting. I have to stay focused on my goals for this year. Anyway, I read this on facebook dont know who its from or who wrote it (I think its actually a sermon). I thought Id share:

 Holy Confidence

1:COMFRONTATION. you will be comfronted by the enemy to denounce or backslide in what you believe in by maybe friens or the in crowd or some1 that doesnt want to see you grow in Christ.

 2:CONFUSION. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Know what you want to do For God and do it. Stick to it. If the enemy can get you to think twice about something you know is right and get you to make an action, he will always do it.

 3:COMPLAINING. You need to know that COMPLAINING only makes the situation seem bigger and more problematic then what it truly is. Also that when you complain it gets you NOWHERE. Who remembers the other 10 spies name that came back with that negative report from the land. The only two names we know of are Joshua and Caleb. The bible says these guys werent bitter complainers and that they were confident in their abilities the Lord gave them.

4:COMPARING. When you compare yourself to another person it will only discourage you and in most cases will have you envious of that person. Know that promotion comes niether from the EAST NOR THE WEST BUT FROM GOD. What God has for you is for you. STOP comparing yourself to SOME1ELSE. KNOW that you are fearfully and wonderfully CREATED. Don’t look to the left or right but ABOVE.

 5: COMPROMISING. SIN will steal your HOLY CONFIDENCE. why compromise God’s goodness for sin. This goes back to what was stated above about being double minded. As Paul sid dont you know you are a slave to who you decide to Follow, whether it be OBEDIENCE unto RIGHTEOUNESS or SIN unto DEATH. Dont compromise GOD’s promise and goodness for your life with SIN it kills.