wow, I havent posted anything since last month…Lord, help me. Okay, so this is a quick update on the things Im going to be posting on.

 #1. I cooked some shrimp and sausage gumbo! yummm…I loved it. usually I dont make things like that cause they seem so  hard to do but I did it anyway and it came out wonderful. Of course my husband had to cook the day after and upstaged me but thats okay..his smoked chicken was great too ❤ lol

#2 I have a projected coming up fast. Im doing one of my friends babyshowers on Sunday. about semi stress…lol but I have some help along the way. I’ll be posting that experience up when after the event. Im excited but I dont think I’ll be doing this again without a definate partner and some definate money…lol

#3. Im also cooking today and of couse I’ll be taking pictures of that but i probably wont do that til tomorrow.

#4. My life of cleanliness starts today. Im home alone so its the perfect time to start cleaning up. Pictures will ofcouse follow.

#5. I think I have another goal. Well, I dont know if this is an actually goal. Ive been inspired to once again follow my dreams. Whats my dream, you ask? Fashion Design. I love it and I cant get away from it. I’ll try something else but I keep going back. mmm, this reminds me of a song…”I wanna go but I keep coming back…” lol…yep. Im not sewing anything now, but I think Im going to start posting my sketches. I was horrible in that class back in the day when I was at FIDM but Im so determined to start new and try again. Im going to school for art (hopefully next month) and that would be a wonderful exercise and motivation to keep me focused.

#6. Me and hubby have been doing great on our savings. 600 dollars in 3 months. Not alot to some people but for us and our income its actually pretty good. Some of our bills should be getting paid off in a few weeks. On our way to being debt free. Love it…which brings me to clarify. We’re not struggling or anything. lol. We have credit (and very good credit at that) our goal is to merly not have to pay anyone anything period. No more monthly payments for this or that just keeping more money in our pocket.

#7. Anger managment. I can honestly say Ive been doing better. Of course I have my weak moments but Ive been praying more and more about it every minute or atleast when I feel my annoyance is rising. But I believe God will make a woman out of me yet. Theres no reason to be annoyed esp. when you realize life is way to short and that that kind of attitude isnt what God requires of us to act on. He’s all about Love and kindness and if we are His children and He is love, then we have alot more in us that anything else. Not saying that we cant ever feel angry or annoyed cause it happens, but its what we choose to act upon thats the deciding factor. I choose love and Im going to try to choose love everytime. God is Love, I choose you Lord.

I think thats it for now. Throughout the day I will post the things Ive already done. O yea, and I cant forget my Praise of the day…I’ll be posting that ASAP!! loves ❤