Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo!!! yum yum

I believe it was last wed. when I made this. I was so excited but kinda nervous. Altho I didnt follow the recipe completly, I got my recipe online. Heres the link

So first I got all my ingrediants:

1 pound of shrimp

1 pounds of sausage

1 cup of cerery

1 cup of onions

1 cup of red bell peppers

1 cup of garlic


chicken broth (I think I used like 5-6 cups lol!)

Hot sauce


black pepper




 (I was looking for cayenne pepper but I guess walmart was all out so I didnt use that neither did I use the file’ gumbo powder cause that didnt have that either)

so. The first thing I did was gathered up all my stuff then I started chopping. I chopped the onions, red bell peppers, garlic, and celery up. On the website it said use either half a cup or 1/4th of a cup but I just used a cup cause I know someone else would want some.

I forgot to get a picture with everything chopped up. But yea, thats what I did. The celery, the onions, the bell peppers and the garlic…then I put on a pot on med/high heat and put in about a teaspoon of butter in it. After it started to shimmer I added the onions, bell peppers, and the celery in. I didnt add the garlic until a few minutes later.

yum…so after a few minutes…like 5, I put in the garlic and stired occasionly. After a few minutes of that. I added my chicken broth. lol- at first I wasnt counting on how much broth I used…lol- so I think its about 5 or 6 cups. lmbo. At that point I was clueless, but then I thought…a little chicken broth never hurt anyone seriously, right? I also seasoned with salt and pepper and brought it to a boil.

Then I put on my sausage! On the website she used a half a cup of sausage, but um.I didnt…lol- I used all of it the whole shabang!

First I chopped them up and added them in a seprate pan. This is when my husbands handy-dandy hot sauce came in. Usually when I think of gumbo, I think of Hot! Spicy! Not that I like alot of spicy stuff…actually I dont like spicy anything but I decided that my gumbo wouldnt be gumbo (yes, even without the okra) if it didnt have a little spice to it, So i did a little dizz over the sausage a few times. Not too spicy but it was perfect. I also added a little pepper and salt to them. I stired them up occasionly  until the got dark brown. After that was done, I added it to the gumbo. Stired and cover.

While that was going on. I rinsed the pan out and did something that I wasnt quite familar with…lol. I got my flour and another few tablespoons of butter and tried to make “Roax”…let me just say, it was a very frustrating experience. lol…to make this, you must, melt your butter the add the flour and mix but its weird cause you dont want it to clump up…ugh…frustrating even talking about.

It was so fustrating that I didnt even take a picture. lol…anyway, then you add it to the gumbo as well…no for the yummy part…!!! The shrimp…


I also added salt and some drizzels of hot sauce to give it taste then added it to the gumbo.

Once the gumbo was complete, I started added salt, pepper and hot sauce til it was a taste I was satify with. I also cooked some rice. Added salt and butter to it, then I served it up!

My pictures didnt do anything justice! It smelled and looked good.

I love this recipe and Im really proud of myself for trying something I never thought I would ever make. Now I must work on perfecting it.

My husband gives me a 7.5 which is a little above average.

He says he felt like the rice and the gumbo wasn’t one. But the flavor was def there and he loved the amount of rice I used. I figuar next time I’ll just blend the rice and gumbo in  the same pot ahead of serving.

My sister-in-law also had a few bowls of it, but I must update later.